5 reasons to own a Tea Franchise in Kolhapur

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5 reasons to own a Tea Franchise in Kolhapur

Tea has been our daily driver for thousands of centuries; people all over the world have chosen this as their daily drink because it has been loaded with a plethora of benefits. Several studies have claimed that tea has been able to increase your immunity systems, reduce inflammation and minimize chances of heart disease and cancer.

Yewala brings to you some of the excellent benefits of tea and how regular drinking it improves your health significantly. We will divide this page into four sections and share various varieties of tea and their benefits. After we are done educating you about tea and its benefits we will let you know why owning a tea franchise in with us can be the best decision of your life.

Why white tea is growing popular?

Research claims that white tea has been loaded with antioxidants. Tea is an excellent source of tannins, catechins, and fluoride which can improve your teeth' health. In addition, this tea has a very low quantity of caffeine content, so it’s very useful for those people who want to limit their coffee intake.

How herbal tea can cure you

Herbal teas are a powerhouse of spices, fruits, and other plants hence it is termed calming tea. Herbal teas are popularly categorized into three types which are known as peppermint tea, chamomile tea, and Hibiscus tea. Studies claim that drinking herbal teas can reduce blood pressure, improves blood pressure, and provides instant relief for migraines and headaches.

Why green tea is preferred by health enthusiasts

Green tea traces its origin to China and Japan. The leaves were roasted in Japan, and in China, the leaves were steamed. The research claimed that green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which make your skin glow and lowers blood clotting.

By consuming black tea you can relieve any kind of pain that is present in your body. In addition, consuming black tea can help you get relief from rashes and conditions known as Poison Ivy.

Black tea and its benefits

Black belongs to the same family as green tea but the leaves now here are fermented to have a black color. Unlike herbal tea, black tea has a high amount of caffeine content, so make sure when you pour a coup for yourself, you limit your intake

By consuming black tea you can relieve any kind of pain that is present in your body. In addition, consuming black tea can help you get relief from rashes and conditions known as Poison Ivy.

Some of the teas that you should avoid

  • 1. Fancy teas like that are present in your preferred drink store. They contain high amounts of sugar which are not good for your health
  • 2. Detox teas that have been preferred to take care of your weight loss. They contain laxatives that can harm your health
  • 3. Some herbal teas contain spices that may give you allergies. So you must check the ingredients present in the package before you purchase them.

Why you need to start a franchise

When the lockdown happened, many people have taken loans to start their businesses. The loans came in the form of MSME and they helped business owners in reaping profits. Selling tea like the traditional old days are longer appreciated by customers and hence investing in a tea franchise is the best option right now

Why partner with Yewale

We have been in the tea business for more than 35 years, having 15 + signature products and more than 350 + branches in India. Our daily customer count is more than 5lakhs and our product quality is unmatched. With our expertise, your tea franchise would be up and running in no time as we sell high-quality products at an affordable price.

Things to consider while starting a franchise

1. Rules and regulation

First, you need to check the company rules and check what terms and conditions are needed to purchase the franchise. Generally, the square feet of the land should be 160-200 feet and there needs to be a facility that allows the installation of clean drains and provide a hygienic water supply.

2. No skill needed

The greatest advantages of owning a tea franchise are the fact that you need any kind of skill to start it. All you need to know are a few basics of the tea business. Make sure that you always find a way to be super friendly with customers and follow the franchise guidelines

3. Always on profit

You don’t have to ever lose sleep while you are partnering with us. Since we are considered one of the most famous tea franchises in India our customer base is super solid. Hence your business will always remain profitable since you will have a loyal customer base.

In addition, the company will; train you on how to make all the beverages that are mentioned in the franchise menu. Since we are the best tea franchise we will provide you starting kit that will give you operational support. In the case of marketing, the company would market your franchise from their budget

4. Trained staff

Being the best chai shop franchise, our company will give you all the rules and regulations for running a successful business, but you will fail to make a profit if your outlet has a staff that misbehaves with the customers. Bad word of the mouth can ruin the company and the outlet's reputation and nobody wants that

5. Investment

Generally, an investment of 3 to 5 lakhs would be enough to start a business.

Why should you open a branch in Kolhapur?

1. Style is not a factor

The people of Kolhapur are welcoming people. Your tea franchise can have a kickback theme or an elegant image. This city and its crowd accept both. The freedom of using your style to customize your business would give you the access to run your business freely

2. Healthy economy base

Demographics state that Kolhapur is a city that has loyal tea lovers. The people are stable economically and would provide a healthy environment if you open here. Also, the locals of Kolhapur are highly skilled so getting staff at an economical rate would not be a problem

3. Not a high-traffic zone

Kolhapur is a city that has medium traffic. The pedestrians or the cars will not crowd your franchise from outside and managing a volume of traffic would never be a concern. Make sure that your franchise is set in a location that gets customers and suppliers easy access. Thereafter make sure your franchise has good lighting conditions

4. No nearby competitors

If you locate your franchise beside your competitor, it can be challenging. It may or may not work if your competitor has a loyal customer base and they prefer going to your rivals mostly. So Kolhapur is a city that doesn’t have nearby tea competitors hence it will be an ideal location

5. Office areas

Popular office spaces like icahalkaranji have a lot of people working in the IT sectors. These people mostly come out at their break time to have refreshments, hence locating your franchise there might be a good idea


We would love to take you through the Franchise selection process, the prerequisites, location, investment and returns efforts and partnership details. All you have to do as a first step is to fill out the form below and sit back, and we'll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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